"Bedlam" Returning For A Second Series Without Theo James?

I was SO pleased when I saw Sky Living announce that "Bedlam" was returning for a second series and then I was SO disappointed when I read that there was going to be an "all new line-up".

It's kind of unclear from the article from the Sky Living website (read it below) but from what I can make out they are saying that Theo James (and from the sounds of it Will Young too) won't be in the second series.
So will you still watch it if there's no Theo?


From Sky Living

Series two promises to be more sinister and scary than ever before - and it's coming to Sky Living HD in Spring 2012.

Based around a spooky old lunatic asylum masquerading as a luxury apartment block, this show has more psycho spirits than Paranormal Activity.

And fans of the first series are in for a treat, as there's an all-new line up ready to be spooked.

Leading the action will be multi-award-winning actress and EastEnders sweetheart Lacey Turner as Ellie, who, like Jed, is able to see dead people. Struggling to come to terms with her sixth sense, she goes in search of him to find the answers to her extraordinary gift - but will the past residents of Bedlam Heights be ready and waiting to welcome her? We're freaked out already.

She won't be the only one who's troubled by the underworld - Lacey's joined by actor Jack Roth (Sky 1 drama The Cafe), the stunning Gemma Chan (Secret Diary Of A Call Girl, Fresh Meat), James Sutton (Emmerdale, Hollyoaks), and newcomer Nikesh Patel.

With the first series ending on a complete cliffhanger, we were unsure as to who would make it out of the asylum alive.

But we've got a sneaky spoiler if you just can't wait to find out - look away now if you don't want to ruin the surprise.

Molly and Kate (Charlotte Salt), haunted by the dramatic events that occured at the property, fled to Thailand to travel. Kate has since returned to the Heights to confront her father, Warren (Hugo Speer), about the Bettany family secrets - but will he reveal the truth? In any case, it won't take long for the new residents to realise there's something sinister lurking behind the walls of Bedlam.

Lacey Turner told us she's already looking forward to the new series: "I am really excited... It's a great story with brilliant writing and a fantastic cast! Ellie is a really interesting and conflicted character. I'm looking forward to playing her and seeing where the story takes her."

So prepare to spend your evenings peeping out from behind a pillow, because you'll be scared to go out when this supernatural series returns in the spring.

And if you fancy seeing Series 1 again, it's available on Amazon.com & Amazon.co.uk at the links below.


  1. Why did Molly go to Thailand when the last we saw of her was getting into the mysterious white van? That makes no sense to me.

  2. Really disappointed that Theo James is not back. We're just now watching in the U.S.

  3. I was just informed that Theo James will be starring in a new U.S. series in 2013 called "Golden Boy" coming "mid-season." I guess that means January. Looking forward to it!


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