Australian Fans: Catch Theo James On Your TV In "Case Sensitive" On May 4th

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Australian Fans mark your diaries because you will be able to see Theo James on you TV's in "Case Sensitive" this Saturday on ABC1, 8.30pm

I got to see this last summer when it aired on ITV and it's well worth watching!

Here's a bit more about it (via smh)

"Detectives Charlie (Olivia Williams) and Simon (Darren Boyd) are back for another instalment of this slick and intelligent crime drama. Ruth (Eva Birthistle) is divorcing her husband Jason so she can marry musical genius Aidan (Theo James). Before anything is finalised, Jason is found dead in the couple's former home. 
We later find out Jason and Aidan had fought about Ruth, while other dark secrets in Aidan's past cause Ruth to question his innocence and their future together. 
Sadly, only one instalment of Case Sensitive is made each year, this being the second, but if that is how long it takes to produce a show of this quality, then it's worth the wait. The writing is sharp, witty and suspenseful and the material is handled with finesse by director John Strickland."
If you'd like to read more about it click HERE & HERE and if you 'd like to see more stills click HERE

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