Gorgeous NEW PIC Of Theo James, Christian Madsen (@cmadsen8) & Amy Newbold (@newbieames) At The BlackHawks Game In Chicago Last Night

Check out this great pic that Christian Madsen  posted on his twitter of himself, Theo James & Amy Newbold at the Chicago Blackhawks Game last night (for those interested it an ice hockey game, YES I had to look that up ;-})

 photo TheoJamesChristianMadsenAmyNewboldAtBlackHawksHockeyGame8thJune2013.jpg

Of COURSE we had to have a closer look at Theo didn't we? (sorry Christian & Amy)

 photo CloserLook.gif
 photo TheoJamesChristianMadsenAmyNewboldAtBlackHawksHockeyGame8thJune2013-Cropped.jpg

Once we stopped staring the first thing we noticed was glasses! I've never seen Theo with glasses before but who DOESN'T love guys who wear glasses?
Secondly I see a bit of his Four tattoo that didn't wash off (yes I'm wearing my glasses so I see it!)
Gosh Theo how many times do we have to say if you need help in the shower just shout (or alternatively use the contact info in the sidebar)

 photo wink.gif
 photo TheoJamesGoldenBoy1.gif

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