*NEW* Sneak Peek Inside EW With Theo James & Shailene Woodley

UPDATE: Added Digital Scans of the Mag 
*NEW* Sneak Peek Inside EW With Theo James & Shailene Woodley

 photo EntertainmentWeekly21stJune2013DigitalScans-Cropped1.jpg  photo EntertainmentWeekly21stJune2013DigitalScans-Cropped2.jpg  photo EntertainmentWeekly21stJune2013DigitalScans-Cropped3.jpg

Digital Scans
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 photo EntertainmentWeekly21stJune2013DigitalScans1.jpg photo EntertainmentWeekly21stJune2013DigitalScans2.jpg photo EntertainmentWeekly21stJune2013DigitalScans3.jpg photo EntertainmentWeekly21stJune2013DigitalScans4.jpg photo EntertainmentWeekly21stJune2013DigitalScans5.jpg photo EntertainmentWeekly21stJune2013DigitalScans6.jpg photo EntertainmentWeekly21stJune2013DigitalScans7.jpg photo EntertainmentWeekly21stJune2013DigitalScans9.jpg photo EntertainmentWeekly21stJune2013DigitalScans8.jpg

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 photo SneakpeekEWDivergent1-1.jpg photo SneakpeekEWDivergent2.jpg photo SneakpeekEWDivergent3.jpg photo SneakpeekEWDivergent4.jpg

Thanks to Epnebelle for the pics.
Digital Scans Source
If you want to get your hands on this and live outside the US, click HERE for ordering details


  1. You're missing the scan of the last page of the article. (page 11) Otherwise, great site! <3

  2. Hi glad you're enjoying the blog.
    The last page is there (it's the one with Tris crowd surfing). It was the second last pic in the group. I've moved it to the bottom now so that they're in the correct order ;-))


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