*NEW* VIDEO & MORE Pics Of Theo James Filming On The "Divergent" Set

Check out this fantastic video of Theo & co filming yesterday on the Divergent set
Thanks again to Micheal Durr for the pics & video and be sure to check out Michael's Blog HERE for LOADS more pics


 photo TheojamesfilmingDivergentSetPics9thJune20137-Cropped.jpg

 photo Happyclaps.gif


 photo Breathe.gif

 photo TheojamesfilmingDivergentSetPics9thJune20137.jpg  photo TheojamesfilmingDivergentSetPics9thJune20138.jpg  photo TheojamesfilmingDivergentSetPics9thJune201310.jpg

Click for Larger

 photo TheojamesfilmingDivergentSetPics9thJune20132.jpg photo TheojamesfilmingDivergentSetPics9thJune20131.jpg photo TheojamesfilmingDivergentSetPics9thJune201311.jpg photo TheojamesfilmingDivergentSetPics9thJune20138.jpg photo TheojamesfilmingDivergentSetPics9thJune20137-Cropped.jpg photo TheojamesfilmingDivergentSetPics9thJune20137.jpg photo TheojamesfilmingDivergentSetPics9thJune20135.jpg photo TheojamesfilmingDivergentSetPics9thJune20133.jpg photo TheojamesfilmingDivergentSetPics9thJune20136.jpg

You can see Theo (and the others) on the left hand side of the video getting ready to run in at the 1:00 mark

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  1. I can't wait to see the movie, it will be great


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