SITE UPDATES: New Search Tabs Added & Follow Us On Pinterest, Bloglovin' & Tumblr

I've been trying to come up with a way to make the site easier to search, especially to make it easier to search older Theo news from a few years ago. So I've added some more search tabs to the menu bar under the banner.

The MOVIES, TV & MUSIC tabs were there all the time and remain the same but the others are new and if you're looking for ABOUT THEO and our AFFILIATES they're now over in the side bar ;-)

They're pretty self explanatory but for example let's say you're looking for "Golden Boy Set Pics". Just click on PICS in the menu bar

 photo SearchTabs1.png

That will bring you here. Then click on SET PICS

 photo SearchTabs2.png

You'll then end up here where you click on GOLDEN BOY

 photo SearchTabs3.png

And then you'll get ALL the "Golden Boy Set Pics" that we have on the blog. Don't forget there might well be more than one page so when you get the the end of the page make sure and click on the "Older Posts" Circle on the right hand side for more!

I'll be updating and improving the search tabs all the time as more Theo goodies come out but hopefully this will make it easier if you're looking for something in particular.
You can ALSO search the blog using the "Search This Blog" Feature in the Sidebar but personally I think the tabs work way better.

AND to make it even easier to follow 'Crazy About Theo James' we're now on Pinterest, Bloglovin' & Tumblr!

 photo TheoPinterest.png

We've always been on Twitter and Facebook but just in case you're not following there already make sure and check those out too HERE & HERE that way you'll NEVER miss any Theo news ;-))

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