Theo James BTS Entertainment Weekly Divergent Photoshoot GIF Overload

DO you like GIFs as much as me? Then you're going to love these! Check out these GREAT Theo James GIFS from the BTS video of the Entertainment Weekly Divergent Photoshoot.
I didn't make any of these, all the people who made them are credited at the end of the post.
And if you've been living under a rock and MISSED the video check it out HERE
Somebody tell me HOW Shailene is still standing with Theo throwing those looks !

 photo chaos-of-starstumblr.gif
 photo ohmockingjaytumblr1.gif photo ohmockingjaytumblr2.gif

LOADS More After The Cut

 photo divergencedailytumblr1.gif photo divergencedailytumblr2.gif photo divergencedailytumblr3.gif photo divergencedailytumblr4.gif photo divergencedailytumblr5.gif  photo brookeeverdeentumblr1.gif photo brookeeverdeentumblr2.gif photo brookeeverdeentumblr3.gif photo brookeeverdeentumblr4.gif photo brookeeverdeentumblr5.gif photo brookeeverdeentumblr6.gif
 photo jen7waterstumblr1.gif photo jen7waterstumblr2.gif  photo mockingclavetumblr1.gif photo mockingclavetumblr2.gif photo mockingclavetumblr3.gif photo mockingclavetumblr4.gif photo mockingclavetumblr5.gif photo mockingclavetumblr6.gif  photo clarissafrayestumblr1.gif photo clarissafrayestumblr2.gif photo clarissafrayestumblr3.gif photo clarissafrayestumblr4.gif photo clarissafrayestumblr4.gif photo clarissafrayestumblr6.gif photo thefaultinourdivergentmindstumblr1.gif photo thefaultinourdivergentmindstumblr2.gif photo thefaultinourdivergentmindstumblr3.gif photo thefaultinourdivergentmindstumblr4.gif

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