Comic Con Gets Underway For Theo James & Shailene Woodley

Theo James & Shailene Woodley answered questions from fans over on EW's Facebook Page.
Check out the pic of them going through the questions below and take a look at their answers over HERE

 photo ComicCon20135.jpg

Look at this SUPER cute pic from their EW Comic Con shoot

 photo TheoampShaileneComicCon.jpg

And check out this BTS look from their EW photoshoot

 photo ComicCon2013BTSEWshoot-1.jpg

They also sat down (along with Veronica Roth & Neil Burger) for an EW Livestream interview.
Here's You Tube of the interview

You can also check it out over on the EW site HERE. It starts around the 1:19 mark

 photo soulstrydertumblr1.gif photo soulstrydertumblr4.gif photo soulstrydertumblr3.gif photo soulstrydertumblr2.gif

 photo TheoJamesComicCon.jpg  photo ComicCon20132.png  photo ComicCon20136.jpg  photo ComicCon20137.jpg  photo ComicCon20133.jpg  photo ComicCon6.jpg  photo ComicCon3.jpg  photo ComicCon20138-1.jpg  photo ComicCon20139.jpg

Click for Larger

 photo ComicCon2013BTSEWshoot.jpg photo ComicCon20138.jpg photo ComicCon20139-1.jpg

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EW Video thanks to DivergentLife

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