Great NEW Set Pics Of Theo James & Shailene Woodley Filming The Dauntless Invasion

Check out these great NEW set pics from the filming of the Dauntless Invasion of Abnegation where you can clearly see Theo James and Shailene Woodley, again thanks to !

In case you can't spot him Theo is just in front of the guy with the grey tee shirt and green pants in the 1st pic (now you see him, right?)

 photo CloserLook-1.gif

And in the second one you can see Shailene's blonde ponytail and Theo is just to the right of her!
In the third pic it looks like Theo is standing over by the camera on the right of the photo.

 photo NEWSetPicTheoJames1.jpeg  photo NEWSetPicTheoJames2.jpeg  photo NEWSetPicTheoJames3.jpeg

I've just put up the pics with Theo in them but there are TONS more set pics over at so be sure to head over to have a look!

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