Round-Up Of Pics Of Theo James From The Summit Comic Con Party

Loving these super cute pics of Theo James from the Summit Party at Comic Con

Theo & Alicia Vela Bailey (who was Shailene's stunt double in Divergent)

 photo TheoJamesSummitComicConPartyPics3.jpg

MORE After The Cut

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 photo TheoJamesSummitComicConPartyPics7.jpg  photo TheoJamesSummitComicConPartyPics6.jpg  photo TheoJamesSummitComicConPartyPics10.jpg  photo TheoJamesSummitComicConPartyPics8.jpg  photo TheoJamesSummitComicConPartyPics9.jpg  photo TheoJamesSummitComicConPartyPics2.jpg  photo TheoJamesSummitComicConPartyPics5.jpg  photo TheoJamesSummitComicConPartyPics4.jpg  photo TheoJamesSummitComicConPartyPics1.jpg  photo TheoJamesSummitComicConPartyPics3.jpg

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