VIDEO: Entertainment Tonight Go BTS On The Set Of "Divergent"

Entertainment Tonight went BTS on the set of Divergent and ran this short piece on the show last night.
We originally thought (hoped) it was just a sneak peek of what they would show but as it turns out that's the full piece.

I have no doubt that they filmed a lot more on their trip to the set and it will be shown on future shows but for now this is what we have.

They don't talk to Theo in this vid and there's only a slight glimpse of him at the start of it.

 photo EntertainmentTonightBTS.gif

You Tube

Thanks to Jen for the GIF & You Tube


  1. Just wait until this movie is released, THEN they'll want to do nothing BUT interview Theo

  2. LOL too true. I do think they interviewed him though and we'll see it in the future. They're just making us wait!


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