Cute Entertainment Weekly Comic Con 2013 Photoshoot Outtakes With Theo James

I just love these Entertainment Weekly Comic Con 2013 Photoshoot Outtakes With Theo James, Shailene Woodley & Co

 photo TheoJamesEWOuttakesLarge01.jpg

Hey, hey, hey. And now I have THIS stuck in my head

 photo TheoJamesEWOuttakesLarge07.jpg

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 photo TheoJamesEWOuttakesSmall8.png  photo TheoJamesEWOuttakesSmall1.png  photo TheoJamesEWOuttakesSmall2.png  photo TheoJamesEWOuttakesSmall7.jpg  photo TheoJamesEWOuttakesSmall4.png  photo TheoJamesEWOuttakesSmall6.png  photo TheoJamesEWOuttakesSmall5.png  photo TheoJamesEWOuttakesSmall3.jpg  photo TheoJamesEWOuttakesLarge10.jpg  photo TheoJamesEWOuttakesLarge13.jpg  photo TheoJamesEWOuttakesLarge14.jpg  photo TheoJamesEWOuttakesLarge11.jpg  photo TheoJamesEWOuttakesLarge05.jpg  photo TheoJamesEWOuttakesLarge03.jpg  photo TheoJamesEWOuttakesLarge12.jpg  photo TheoJamesEWOuttakesLarge09.jpg  photo TheoJamesEWOuttakesLarge06.jpg  photo TheoJamesEWOuttakesLarge08.jpg  photo TheoJamesEWOuttakesLarge04.jpg  photo TheoJamesEWOuttakesLarge07.jpg  photo TheoJamesEWOuttakesLarge01.jpg  photo TheoJamesEWOuttakesLarge02.jpg

via  Divergent Life 

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  1. They really need to do more movies together. I would like to see them in a romantic comedy like Pretty Woman.


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