"Yes him – get him, he’s the best" ~ Veronica Roth Talks About Theo James

Veronica Roth paid a visit to Dublin recently for an author event and book signing and while she was there clickonline.com caught up with her for an interview.
They asked her about casting, her standout moments in the movie, her thoughts on the characters in the movie being older than in the books and more.
Check out the excerpt from the interview below where she mentions Theo and how she reacted when she saw his screen test..............

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CLICK: And during the casting were you sent headshots or anything?
VR: I was informed I would say. But I didn’t encounter a whole lot of conflict over it. Sometimes I would hear about things right before they were announced. But it was never unpleasant. I’m not sure again what would have happened if I’d freaked out about someone

CLICK: They didn’t send you screen tests?
VR: The only screen-tests I saw, I saw one with Theo James and Shailene Woodley. And I saw it and I said ‘yes him – get him, he’s the best!’
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CLICK: What were your thoughts then when you found out the characters would be older?
VR: I kind of liked that. It still feels true to the experience of the book because you have to make these big decisions at several points in your life. In the book they make them at 16 but in real life you could make them graduating from college. What am I going to be, who am I going to belong to? That kind of thing. And to me it meant that they were able to get more experienced people as actors. So I thought they would turn out pretty well.

CLICK: I read that you were on set quite a lot. Was there a standout moment when you saw something that was either very like or unlike the book?
VR: There was one… I wasn’t there when I shot that scene but they were shooting at the Ferris wheel on Navy Pier, which is THE Ferris wheel in the book. So it was an exact replica of what I had imagined. Because I did a lot of research for that scene about the ladder on the side of the Ferris wheel and this platform. And they did the whole thing, just like it was real. And it was incredibly weird to watch. Like, this is actually perfect!  

CLICK: You mentioned you don’t really feel like Tris is that like you. Did she have questions?
VR: I don’t know if she ever asked me. She had read the books which I feel like is the best bible for the role. Everything that Tris thinks is on the page so she kind of got the character pretty well. As did Theo, I think he really understood the character of Four, what he is. But the person I talked to the most is Miles Teller who plays Peter. Because Peter is a little confusing as a character – a villain and not villain. So I talked to him – he’s also very chatty!
Head over to  clickonline.com for the full Uncut Interview with Veronica

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