*NEW* Behind The Scenes Divergent Set Pics With Theo James

Our affiliates over at DivergentFans.com have gotten their hands on these great Behind the Scenes Pics from the "Divergent" set.
I see you Theo!

And the great news is there's MORE to come! YAY

 photo TheoJamesDivergentSetPics2-1.jpg  photo TheoJamesDivergentSetPics1-1.jpg  photo TheoJamesDivergentSetPics1.jpeg  photo TheoJamesDivergentSetPics2.jpeg

Head over to DivergentFans.com to see more pics (without Theo)

You'll Want To Have This Theo James Wallpaper On Your Computer

I bet you'll want to download this gorgeous Theo James Wallpaper by Stephanie the minute you see it and pop it onto your computer. I know I did!

 photo four___divergentTheoJamesbyStephanie.png

Click and Save Below for Full Size

 photo four___divergentTheoJamesbyStephanie.png

Golden Boy's @RonYuan Posts A New/Old Pic Of Theo James, @BonSomerville & @KevinMAlejandro & @NicholasWootton Tweets About Theo

Awwww it sounds like Ron Yuan is missing his "Golden Boy" castmates.
He posted this cute pic of himself, Theo, Bonnie & Kevin and captioned it "miss break time w my Golden Boy Fam..."

I love that the cast all got on so well with each other.

 photo RonInsta.jpg


Nicholas Wooton the  creator of "Golden Boy" also took to his twitter to say some very nice things about Theo

Hilarious NEW/Old Comedy Sketch Videos With Theo James

These brilliant comedy sketch videos with Theo James are from 2010 from 'The Slippery Soapbox Pilot Sketches'

Say hello to Jim Jameson Jimited. Try saying that over and over
(Theo is only at the very beginning)

Word of advice, sit down for this next one or you'll feel dizzy!
The Speed Datist

Did you jump out of your skin at the 0:26 mark? I know I did!

There are 2 more vids HERE. Theo is not in them but is listed as having been involved.

Divergent Stills With Theo James As Four Now UHQ & Untagged

We now have the "Entertainment Weekly" Divergent Stills With Theo James As Four UHQ & Untagged because bigger is always better where Theo is concerned right?

 photo UHQDivergentStillsWithTheoJames3.jpg

Click for UHQ

 photo UHQDivergentStillsWithTheoJames4.jpg  photo UHQDivergentStillsWithTheoJames5.jpg  photo UHQDivergentStillsWithTheoJames3.jpg  photo UHQDivergentStillsWithTheoJames2.jpg  photo UHQDivergentStillsWithTheoJames1.jpg

Credit: Summit Entertainment

Theo James Gives Leonardo DiCaprio A Run For His Money

Oooh Leo you better watch out you have some competition!

 photo leodance.gif

Have a look at this short film ‘Monsoon Nights’ that Theo made in while he was at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. Check out Theo's moves.........

via TheoJamesFans

Fabulous Four FanArt Featuring Theo James

Theo James/Divergent fans got busy again and created some FANTASTIC Fan Art using the new stills and pics that were released recently. I just love seeing how people are so creative and can use the same picture to make something totally unique.
Here are a few that have caught my eye but there are many more so expect more posts like this!

 photo the-manila-institutetumblr.gif

 photo ronaldwheasleytumblr.jpg

A Treat For Your Ears: Theo James Soundbites

I got an email recently asking me if I had heard the Theo James commercial soundbite below before. It has actually been on the blog since the beginning along with a second one a narrative one. So I thought I'd do a post for people in case they had missed them.

A little treat for your ears BUT be warned, don't listen to them in a public place because this MAY well happen

 photo Melting-1.gif

FANVID: Theo James ~ Scream

A little Theo treat on a Sunday thanks to Carla/Jen7waters!

 photo loveit.gif

NEW SET VIDEO Featuring Theo James & Co "The Fight"

Fantastic video from the Divergent set with Theo James (Four), Jai Courtney (Eric), Shailene Woodley (Tris)& Mekhi Phifer (Max).

It's SO good but before you watch it a warning.............

 photo Spoilers.gif

via Divergent Life

Veronica Roth Reveals More Details About Her Four Short Stories

 photo TheoJamesFourBanner-VeronicaQuote.jpg

A few days ago we told you about Veronica Roth's four short stories from Four's perspective well now there are MORE news about the books. Veronica Roth did an interview with Publisher's Weekly  and revealed some more exciting details about her Four short stories............

Another Brand NEW Divergent Still Of Theo James As Four & Shailene Woodley As Tris In The Dauntless Compound

GAH take a look at this fabulous new still of Theo James As Four & Shailene Woodley As Tris In The Dauntless Compound. If you got the digital download of Entertainment Weekly this was with the exclusive content.

I think this is my FAVOURITE out of all the stills so far. Did you see all the others that were released yesterday?
If you missed them catch them all HERE

 photo EntertainmentWeeklyDigitalDownload-1.png

Click for Larger

 photo EntertainmentWeeklyDigitalDownload.png

via Page to Premiere

*NEW* Gorgeous Divergent Stills Featuring Theo James & NEW BTS Pic

Check out this brand new BTS Pic of Theo James & Jai Courtney taking direction from Neil Bruger

 photo Divergent-EW-First-Look-09.jpg

We had the following stills earlier today as scans now we have them as stills!!!
MORE After The Cut

Theo James BTS Entertainment Weekly Divergent Photoshoot GIF Overload

DO you like GIFs as much as me? Then you're going to love these! Check out these GREAT Theo James GIFS from the BTS video of the Entertainment Weekly Divergent Photoshoot.
I didn't make any of these, all the people who made them are credited at the end of the post.
And if you've been living under a rock and MISSED the video check it out HERE
Somebody tell me HOW Shailene is still standing with Theo throwing those looks !

 photo chaos-of-starstumblr.gif
 photo ohmockingjaytumblr1.gif photo ohmockingjaytumblr2.gif

LOADS More After The Cut

SCREENCAPS: "Behind The Scenes" Of The EW Photoshoot With Theo James & Shailene Woodley

I made some screencaps of the BTS video from the Entertainment Weekly Photoshoot.
If you missed the video check it out HERE , if you missed Theo & Shailene on the cover of this weeks EW check it out HERE and if you want to take a sneak peek inside EW click HERE

 photo DivergentEWBTSScreencaps147.jpg  photo DivergentEWBTSScreencaps156.jpg  photo DivergentEWBTSScreencaps68.jpg  photo DivergentEWBTSScreencaps23.jpg  photo DivergentEWBTSScreencaps263.jpg  photo DivergentEWBTSScreencaps211.jpg  photo DivergentEWBTSScreencaps179.jpg

LOADS MORE After The Cut

NEW Divergent STILL & BTS VIDEO With Theo James & Shailene Woodley

NEW Divergent STILL & BTS VIDEO With Theo James & Shailene Woodley

Check out the video from the EW Photoshoot

or watch HERE

 photo 1025787_10151670015644701_235796401_o-1.jpg

Click for Larger

 photo HQDivergentstill.jpg

You Tube Source

*NEW* Sneak Peek Inside EW With Theo James & Shailene Woodley

UPDATE: Added Digital Scans of the Mag 
*NEW* Sneak Peek Inside EW With Theo James & Shailene Woodley

 photo EntertainmentWeekly21stJune2013DigitalScans-Cropped1.jpg  photo EntertainmentWeekly21stJune2013DigitalScans-Cropped2.jpg  photo EntertainmentWeekly21stJune2013DigitalScans-Cropped3.jpg

Digital Scans
(Click To Read)

 photo EntertainmentWeekly21stJune2013DigitalScans1.jpg photo EntertainmentWeekly21stJune2013DigitalScans2.jpg photo EntertainmentWeekly21stJune2013DigitalScans3.jpg photo EntertainmentWeekly21stJune2013DigitalScans4.jpg photo EntertainmentWeekly21stJune2013DigitalScans5.jpg photo EntertainmentWeekly21stJune2013DigitalScans6.jpg photo EntertainmentWeekly21stJune2013DigitalScans7.jpg photo EntertainmentWeekly21stJune2013DigitalScans9.jpg photo EntertainmentWeekly21stJune2013DigitalScans8.jpg

Click for Larger

 photo SneakpeekEWDivergent1-1.jpg photo SneakpeekEWDivergent2.jpg photo SneakpeekEWDivergent3.jpg photo SneakpeekEWDivergent4.jpg

Thanks to Epnebelle for the pics.
Digital Scans Source
If you want to get your hands on this and live outside the US, click HERE for ordering details
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