HQ Scans Featuring Theo James From US Weekly's 'Divergent' Collectors Edition

Earlier this month we posted some sneak peeks from the Divergent Collectors Edition of US Weekly.
Now thanks to DivergentsUK we have some HQ scans.

 photo usweekly1.jpg

 photo img004.jpg

Click for HQ

 photo Theo1.jpg photo Theo2.jpg photo Theo3.jpg photo img053.jpg photo img069.jpg photo rf.jpg photo khu.jpg photo kju1.jpg photo jb.jpg photo jgh.jpg photo akd.jpg photo aaf.jpg photo mt.jpg photo gdf.jpg photo img004.jpg photo img071.jpg photo img054.jpg photo img050.jpg photo img0331.jpg photo img0321.jpg photo img003.jpg photo usweekly1.jpg

These are just the ones featuring/mentioning Theo. Head over to DivergentsUK for more (non-Theo) scans.

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