Theo James Bello Magazine Photoshoot Outtakes Now Detagged

You may remember we had these outtakes of Theo from his photoshoot for Bello magazine a few days ago. Gorgeous pics but ugly tags on them.
Now thanks to DivergentLife they're detagged!

 photo TheoJamesBelloOuttakes11.jpg

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 photo TheoJamesBelloOuttakes10.jpg  photo TheoJamesBelloOuttakes12.jpg  photo TheoJamesBelloOuttakes11.jpg  photo TheoJamesBelloOuttakes08.jpg  photo TheoJamesBelloOuttakes09.jpg  photo TheoJamesBelloOuttakes03.jpg  photo TheoJamesBelloOuttakes05.jpg  photo TheoJamesBelloOuttakes04.jpg  photo TheoJamesBelloOuttakes07.jpg  photo TheoJamesBelloOuttakes02.jpg  photo TheoJamesBelloOuttakes01.jpg  photo TheoJamesBelloOuttakes06.jpg

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