PICS, Vids & TWEETS From The Divergent Press Conference In Chicago With Theo James, Shailene Woodley, Veronica Roth & Ansel Elgort

Theo James, Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort & Veronica Roth Attended a Press Conference in Chicago today. Check out some of the pics, vids & tweets below.

Pics, Tweets & MORE Videos From the Press Conference After The Cut

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 photo TheoJamesDivergentPressConferenceChicago9.jpg  photo TheoJamesDivergentPressConferenceChicago10.jpg  photo TheoJamesDivergentPressConferenceChicago8.jpg  photo TheoJamesDivergentPressConferenceChicago7.jpg  photo TheoJamesDivergentPressConferenceChicago1.jpg  photo TheoJamesDivergentPressConferenceChicago2.jpg  photo TheoJamesDivergentPressConferenceChicago3.jpg  photo TheoJamesDivergentPressConferenceChicago6.jpg  photo TheoJamesDivergentPressConferenceChicago5.jpg  photo TheoJamesDivergentPressConferenceChicago4.jpg

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@DivergentFction Q: what's the most divergent thing you've ever done? #DivergentChiConf @DivergentFction Theo: I've killed a man. #DivergentChiConf
@DivergentFction Q: did you do your own stunts? Shai: I did all of my stunts and Theo's stunts. #DivergentChiConf
@DivergentFction Theo made Shailene do 20 push-ups in front of 50 strangers because she laughed at him during training. #DivergentChiConf
@DivergentFction Divergent has come full circle. Feels gratifying to be involved with something so beloved. -Theo #DivergentChiConf
@DivergentFction Q: If you could play a diff character who would you choose? Theo: Dumbledore Ansel: wait are we talking about Divergent?
@DivergentsUK Where did you go on your downtime in Chicago? Ansel: I went to a Blackhawks game. Not a bulls game. Theo: Shit!
@DivergentFction Theo: Go with your instincts and play the character the way you think it should be played. Shai: *claps*
@DivergentFction *3 high fives between Shai and Theo* #divergentchiconf
@DivergentFction Q: favorite movie scenes? Theo: zip line Ansel: capture the flag! Shai: Ferris wheel Veronica: fear landscapes
@DivergentFction Ansel: Theo and I haven't had any scenes together yet. Veronica: I wonder whose fault that is... #DivergentChiConf

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