PICS & VIDEO: Theo James & Shailene Woodley Hit The Divergent Red Carpet In Atlanta (March 3rd) & Fan Reactions To The Movie

Atlanta was the place to be last night as Theo James & Shailene Woodley hit the Red Carpet for a screening of the movie.

We have loads of pics, videos and also (spoiler free) fan reactions to the screening of the movie below.

 photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta54.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta42.jpg

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 photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta54.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta52.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta53.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta51.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta49.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta50.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta46.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta44.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta48.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta45.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta47.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta42.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta41.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta35.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta39.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta43.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta40.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta38.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta34.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta37.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta33.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta36.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta31.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta32.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta27.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta30.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta28.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta29.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta23.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta26.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta25.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta21.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta24.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta22.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta20.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta16.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta17.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta19.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta15.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta18.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta14.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta11.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta13.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta10.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta9.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta8.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta12.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta7.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta5.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta1.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta6.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta3.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta4.jpg  photo TheoJamesFanPicsAtlanta2.jpg

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Check out more pics over at  Just Jared

If you missed the video of Theo beatboxing on the Atlanta Red Carpet last night, check it out HERE
AND don't forget we'll be on the Red Carpet in Toronto when the Tour makes a stop there tomorrow (Wednesday) more details about that HERE

So what did people think of the movie!?

Here are some reactions (spoiler free, of course)

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