VIDEO & INTERVIEW: Theo James & Shailene Woodley Play 'Yes, No or Meh'

Find out what Theo and Shailene think of Dogs, Danger, Dancing, Dating and loads more things beginning with 'D'

As well as playing the 'Yes, No, Meh' game with Theo & Shailene HLN interviewed them.
Check it out below.

HLN: “Divergent” could catapult both of you into major stardom. Did you seek advice from anyone about dealing with the potential onslaught of interest in the two of you?

Shailene Woodley
: [I’m] taking it day by day; you never know what’s going to happen, so I didn’t take any advice.
Theo James: Being actors, each job you’re on has the potential to go many ways. You do jobs where you think, “Wow, this feels like it’s going to be X or Y” and it isn’t; you might do a job where you think its complete [crap] and then it isn’t. So it is kind of pointless to try and conceptualize that.

HLN: Your fans really want to know: Are you dating in real life?

: Ha-ha!
Woodley: No, we’re not dating.
James: We’re not dating.

HLN: It seems like you guys are really good friends then.

: Yeah!
Woodley: We’re good professionals. I’m just kidding! We get along great.

HLN: Theo, your character, Four, says he doesn’t want to be one thing -- just brave or just intelligent -- he wants to be all of them. Do you feel this way about yourself as well?

: That’s one of the messages of the film, that no can be categorized -- it’s impossible. So you have to be all the things, embrace all the paths of your personality -- whether they are good or bad -- because they make you human.

HLN: Do you ever struggle with making decisions, Theo?

: Oh, 100%. Every day. I think it’s good to try and have a sense of self because that helps in terms of defining who you are and making your decisions, but I think at every point, constantly, you question yourself. You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t. That’s part of [life]: Learning from mistakes, learning as you go and realizing that every day you’re learning.

HLN: Who do you rely on if you’re really not sure when it comes to a difficult decision?

: Friends, family.
James: Family is a big part -- it’s a Greek thing.
Woodley: You use Twitter a lot, right? (Laughs)
James: Yeah, I ask people, “What should I do for lunch?” Hashtag “fun.”
Woodley: That’s real. People do that.
James: Hashtag “what?”
Woodley: I’m not kidding, Miles [Teller] does that. I don’t even go on Twitter anymore -- it’s so crazy now.

HLN: What’s the No. 1 thing you do that you would share with others?

: She doesn’t like using toilets -- she like to keep it natural.
Woodley: So where do I go to the bathroom?
James: In a field!
Woodley: That’s true -- if I’m in the wild, I’ll pee in a field.
James: Well, and your water…
Woodley: Water source is a big thing for me. It’s important to know where our water comes from. In Los Angeles, right now there’s this immense drought, so they are starting all these different water conservation methods. I think it is important to recognize that we turn on the sink in America and it’s so nice because there is always water there, but that’s not the case around the world and that might not always be the case here. So be aware of that fact and where we can source water from and how much we consume.

HLN: What about you, Theo -- are you an outdoorsy guy?

: You are, in a sense.
James: I like to drink… not water, just pure alcohol. No, I enjoy that. Shai is very good at that kind of thing. She’s a much better person than me.
Woodley: Don’t put yourself down, man!
James: But you are very good! And she does it genuinely. But, yeah, I’m into adventurous stuff.

HLN: If you guys went camping together, who would be the fastest at setting up a tent or starting a campfire?

: You’d probably be faster at setting up the tent.
James: I’m actually pretty good with fires, but we haven’t camped together.
Woodley: Let’s go camping in Atlanta!

Check out the FULL interview over at HLN

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